Hosting your Domain on Draq

Before we get too deep in this, there are some terms you'll need to understand

Your site is draq's representation to the world of your domain, which you register with the Internet authority through an accredited registrar. Your domain name will be something like mydomain.tld. We add a host name to your domain name when we create your site. The host name is traditionally "www" for web sites, but it can be anything you want, within the limits of the Internet rules. You can even have multiple host names assigned to your site.

Login is an account identification (ID) on your site, which gives you certain permissions to do things on the site. You need a login to collect e-mail or to make changes to your website. We will assign your logins to your account when your site is created. Each login requires a password to authenticate you as the legitimate owner of the account.

MB is an abbreviation for Megabyte, it is 1024 x 1024 bytes, one of which is 8 bits in length and is represented on your computer as a "character". So 2MB would be 2,097,152 characters worth of storage on your site.

An alias is a substitute identifier, which we use to represent your login, and which you will use to access the server and to create your email @ddress. You may have multiple aliases for each of the logins on your site. We use aliases to make your login more easily remembered and to enable you to select the name (or names) you will use for your email @ddress(es).

Your site will be assigned an administrator, or "admin". One or more of your logins can be the admin for your site, which gives the user of those logins the ability to configure certain functions of your site and of the individual logins.

These are some of the the features of your account

Draq's basic site service includes 40MB of storage for $250/year. This includes 5 login accounts with up to 10 aliases for each login. This is a one-year contract, billed twice during the year - $125 each six months, invoiced in advance. Unless we're notified otherwise, we will assume you wish to renew at each billing cycle.

You are responsible for registering your domain, but we'd be happy to do it for you, for a fee. There is no charge for transferring an existing domain to our server.

In addition to your site's homepage at http://host.mydomain.tld, each login can publish a "homepage" that would be accessed through http://host.mydomain.tld/~mylogin (notice the tilde before the login name).

You can assign a storage limit within the limit of your total site storage to each login. We set up the logins each with the total site storage limit, but you can decrease those as you wish.

Storage space is filled with web files and other files you upload to your site, email, your site logs and caches, and a few other system files that are necessary for your site to function properly.

Additional services in the basic package include:

  • Site Backup tools
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • RBL Spam filtering
  • Incoming mail virus scanning
  • CGI scripts
  • Webalyser (site usage) statistics
  • Server Side Includes
  • Active Server Pages

There are also some serious geek toys available, but you'll have to convince us you're worthy before we'll give them to you. Please, however, don't hesitate to ask.

This is our Basic Service - it and all services we offer are subject to our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy with which you should also become familiar.

Thank you for letting us work for you.
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